A mans lower body part (below the belt). Penis, Dick, Cock ect...
Tonight I want the dizzle!
by SummerB December 18, 2005
Dizzle is a "word enhancer" it is often put before other words that begin with the number D
What's up my dizzle dawg!
Gimme my dizzle drink!
Your a dizzle douchebag.
by Paintkid January 19, 2005
DIZZLE: Dick,Dawg, Anything With a D...
Yaba Daba Dizzle,This Is Snoop D O Double Jizzle, Pass me Da DIZZLE(bong)Fashizzle My Nizzle
by Tony February 24, 2004
Used to give notice to friends about an attractive chick who is close by-within talking distance. Say dizzle and they know to look around.
Dizzle 3 O'Clock. Dizzle.
by rudsud November 24, 2004
1. A word for discribing Anything.
Damn!!! you see that dizzle?!
Fuck this! whats this dizzle?!
Awwwwwww Dizzle!!
by Alex and Dexter June 06, 2004
refers to a disgusting redneck person with a huge gut, and small chicken legs that works as a meat cutter by trade.
Dizzle is a worthless sack of crap.
by Ben Pisan November 03, 2005
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