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What tha dizzle my nizzle?
by JACK BAUER July 03, 2003
74 77
A black guy that acts white.
i seen a dizzle in a cowboy store.
by homage October 27, 2010
6 10
Another way of saying "diesel". Aka the cooler way.
What does your truck run on?
Dizzle, none of that premium shitt.
by aries;) December 27, 2009
5 9
The slang name for the steryotype asian buffet Oriental Diner in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. It can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.

It can be abbreviated to "diz" or expanded to "the dirty dizzle". It can also be used as a comparative to other buisnesses
"let's dizzle"
"Yo does the dizzle make their General Tao Chicken out of cats and/or babies?"
"The Dizzle screwed my sweet & sour chicken balls again"
"lets go get diz"
"Holy S***! Its the Dirty Dizzle
by Spunkeye July 08, 2009
4 8
A balding maths teacher who shouts things such as "Hurrah"
Person 1: "HURRAH"
Person 2: "Don't be a Dizzle."
by Fulcha July 25, 2008
5 9
One of the coolest people out...
Rizzle: "Yo what up dizzle..? lets go play sum german badminton/squash"

Dizzle: "ok Rizzle"
by µµRizzleµµ December 29, 2007
10 14
Where I come from, dizzle means an ecstacy pill.
Penelope: You get them dizzles I asked for?
Chuckie: Fuck yeah, we gonna roll tonight.
by Penelope0406 July 31, 2005
12 16