Slang for disabled - used to describe a person with a disability or any content matter related to being disabled. Primarily used by people who are part of the disability sector, but sick of having to use PC language. Or just sick of saying person with a disability.
We're filming a story today about a dizzle who was paralysed after a car accident.

As car pulls into a mobility park, 'ah bro I forgot my dizzle card, we'll get a ticket if we park here'.

'He's not a real dizzle, he cracked his back but there was no spinal cord damage, he'll be OK'
by Al Cleveland August 28, 2013
Another way of saying "diesel". Aka the cooler way.
What does your truck run on?
Dizzle, none of that premium shitt.
by aries;) December 27, 2009
The slang name for the steryotype asian buffet Oriental Diner in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. It can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.

It can be abbreviated to "diz" or expanded to "the dirty dizzle". It can also be used as a comparative to other buisnesses
"let's dizzle"
"Yo does the dizzle make their General Tao Chicken out of cats and/or babies?"
"The Dizzle screwed my sweet & sour chicken balls again"
"lets go get diz"
"Holy S***! Its the Dirty Dizzle
by Spunkeye July 08, 2009
A balding maths teacher who shouts things such as "Hurrah"
Person 1: "HURRAH"
Person 2: "Don't be a Dizzle."
by Fulcha July 25, 2008
One of the coolest people out...
Rizzle: "Yo what up dizzle..? lets go play sum german badminton/squash"

Dizzle: "ok Rizzle"
by µµRizzleµµ December 29, 2007
Where I come from, dizzle means an ecstacy pill.
Penelope: You get them dizzles I asked for?
Chuckie: Fuck yeah, we gonna roll tonight.
by Penelope0406 July 31, 2005
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