When a cashier rightfully secretly charges a customer an extra amount of money to get something for him or herself in response to the rudeness and/or dumbassness the customer displayed to the cashier.
Worker 1- "Man, that guy was a dick. No worries though... I dizzled his ass"

Worker 2- "Nice"

Worker 1- "...here have some of the Mamba he bought me"
by Tron314 April 03, 2007
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1. Anything really. Usually something starting with 'D'.

2. A deal. Usually cannabis.
1. "What's the dizzle(deal)."
"Can I have a dizzle(drink)."
"Pass me the dizzle(bong)."
"Keen to dizzle(leave)."

2. "Let's ring Sampson up to get a dizzle(deal)."
"Got any dizzle's(deals) left Sampson?"
by Diego August 19, 2003
An abbreviation of the drug MDMA.
I was fucked last night. I ended up taking two grams of dizzle out with me.
by TomGuy October 22, 2012
any word that starts with d that can easily interpreted out of context
what up my dizzle; what is the dizzle; you are my dizzle
by E-Dizzle May 25, 2003
Dizzle; adjv- A female with acceptional physical
attributes. Hott. Beautiful. Cutey. A girl who is doin her thing and
doin it well. DAAAYYMN!. Fly lil mama. A confident woman who got her
swag proper. Mas chica caliente. Muchacha bonita. ...You.Also
see: Dizzlette, Deezzy, Nugget, BABYGURRL!, HelloDizzle, Oh My God,
...D-IZ-Z-LE, Dihiihiizzle, Cheese, Brains are sexy too, Cougars, MILFs,
Dirty Girl, Whats yo name!.
Hey did you see that dizzle walk in?

When we went to the club there were dizzles everywhere.
by Texas Dizzles November 15, 2010
A combination of the word "dizzy" and "giggles". Its what you feel when you are dizzy and then can't stop laughing about it.

"Dude whats wrong with the czar?"
"He has the dizzles"
by czar grebin October 19, 2008
Abnormaly sized lips usually on black women. (Shari)
Dude what are those?

Those are are some fucking huge dizzles on that bitch
by BandC April 11, 2009
Dizzle = Deal...
Deal = Agreement
1. a business transaction:
2. arrangement for mutual advantage:
3. to buy or sell drugs

Done dizzle.
I jus got a phat dizzle on a pound.
They closed the dizzle after a week of negotiating.
The best dizzle in town.

by Michelle Carter August 12, 2007

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