1. the southern United states

2. in the manner of the Southern United States

(such states are located south of the Mason-Dixon line)
The dixie has become a place for retirement.
by Light Joker June 14, 2007
Is a very shy girl. If you tell her she's beautiful she won't believe you. She puts herself down and always sees the negative in things. She may even cut herself. She will put on a fake smile so that she doesn't bother the ones she loves most. But she will always help you in a time of need and try to be there for you. She cares too much and usually always ends up hurt by people who don't care as much about her. She loves deeply and passionately. When she says she loves you she means it. Wether she's telling you it in a family or relationship manner. She is a very pretty girl. She loves to hear music. If you come across a Dixie talk to her about bands or different music. If you need someone to talk to, go find her. She's an excellent listener and will help you through your problems. She will try to give you the best advice. She will help you feel better when you feel down. She tries to be friendly even when others aren't. She has quite a temper and doesn't tolerate rude people. She will try to ignore them and simply get away. Be careful what you say to a Dixie because they are sensitive. Just like any other girl. If you say she's ugly or fat, she won't look bothered but inside it's probably killing her. Dixie is shy at first and has a bit of a hard time making new friends in places she doesn't know. Go up to her and talk to her. I'm sure she'll enjoy the company.
I wish I was a Dixie, I'd win every math competition in school!

Guy(1): You see that cute girl over there?

Guy(2): Yeah. She must be a Dixie.
by Cali Girl June 16, 2014
She is simply the most kind and intelligent woman you will meet. She loves to encourage people. She loves chocolate and coke. But you like her because of the way her attitude and smile somehow gets close to your heart and just simply makes your life better.
The only appropriate example would be: "Wow, Dixie."
by Ken Kel June 17, 2014
Slang for a $10.00 bill. Drawn from the Confederate State's $10.00 bill printed during the US Civil war. These bills had the word "Dixie" printed on their reverse side. Dixie being based on the Latin term of the number 10.
If you'r going to the game, you will need at least a Dixie for parking.
by WGN April 28, 2006
Not just the South, but more specifically, states that joined the Confederacy and, today, are most heavily influenced by Southern culture. Those are, from west to east, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, and Tennessee. Historically Florida, but most of the other states of Dixie would not be comfortable including Florida in their region anymore. Kentucky and Missouri were both strong Union states (65-75% in each) and today are essentially in the Midwest; they were never in Dixie in the first place.
Dixie also refers to the name of a song.
by ECoast69 February 06, 2007
a place in which Kentucky and Missouri are not located. States of whom are below the Mason-Dixon Line are not necessarily southern, for that imaginary line only determined where slavery would be and wouldn't be. Hell, even Delaware and Maryland had slaves, and they're in the Northeast.
Dixie (The South) sure is a beautiful place with lovely women.
by Ryan J. April 15, 2005
A noun for an aborignal originating in Dubbo who resembles a bush pig and makes love to drugged children. has been caugth stealing kegs of tomato sauce from out the back of da dubbo coles. once mistook blood for tomato sauce at da abotoir where she likes to call home. Frequently mistaken for native aborginal bushpig, Dixie has suffered numerous accidental tranquliser guns. Dixie claims to be a mental health worker yet appears to pick up kids at local hangout at McDonalds and disappearing for days on end on Maccas binges. Caught trying to smuggle illicit tomato sauce into dubbo, dis dyke has served jail time which she loved being at the all womens detention facility.
1. Dixie dubbo da fat delinquent dole bludger dyke abo
2. It's not a boy, it's not a girl, its Dixie da dubbo hermaphrodite!
by Brother big May 21, 2008

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