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4 definitions by Mutty

Dried urine stains -- usually on the floor, in front of a public urinal.
The men's room at the ballpark smells! It's never been mopped. Just look at all that inkastration!!
by Mutty August 26, 2005
verb - to drink, secretly, at a party and get more drunk than the other guests.
Wow! Steve is hammered! He must be "Dick Smith-ing" in the kitchen!
by Mutty August 26, 2005
Adj. - describes watery dirt, usually smelly.
Ferchrissakes, change the water in the mop bucket! It's all shlanky!!
by Mutty July 12, 2005
To get rid of something. To throw something away. (possible contraction of "deep six")
That milk's sour... time to dixie it.
by Mutty July 13, 2005