A noun for an aborignal originating in Dubbo who resembles a bush pig and makes love to drugged children. has been caugth stealing kegs of tomato sauce from out the back of da dubbo coles. once mistook blood for tomato sauce at da abotoir where she likes to call home. Frequently mistaken for native aborginal bushpig, Dixie has suffered numerous accidental tranquliser guns. Dixie claims to be a mental health worker yet appears to pick up kids at local hangout at McDonalds and disappearing for days on end on Maccas binges. Caught trying to smuggle illicit tomato sauce into dubbo, dis dyke has served jail time which she loved being at the all womens detention facility.
1. Dixie dubbo da fat delinquent dole bludger dyke abo
2. It's not a boy, it's not a girl, its Dixie da dubbo hermaphrodite!
by Brother big May 21, 2008
incredibly hot chick who loves the sailors.
Man, that chick is totally a Dixie the way she hangs at the naval bases.
by sexay laday May 01, 2004
Male version of a Trixie, i.e., a 22-35 year-old male, frat-boy drone residing on Chicago's north side. Can usually be found in Lincoln Park or Wrigleyville in pursuit of, or accompanied by, a Trixie. Dixies are very clannish, and rarely associate with those outside their fraternity, or possibly another Big Ten school. Takes particular delight in accumulating possessions which include a sports utility vehicle, the American Pie Trilogy, seasonal apparel from Abercrombie and Fitch, and Nickelback: The Anthology.
Look at Dixie and Trixie taking a jog together in their matching Michigan sweatshirts.
by Cotton McKnight May 25, 2006
...my name....
also used from austin powers "Dixie Normus" its really annoying actually...
"HEY!!I'ts Dixie Normus"

Or..."Dixie...how ya doin?"
by Dixie April 22, 2005
Also known as "Aunt Dixie" or Dixie Chips...

Creator of the "Sunshine Beach Cafe" ~ by far the longest thread on the official Paradise Hotel message board, with over 29 thousand posts.

Animal lover and rescuer.

Scuba diver.

Artist in waiting.

Mystery Aunt of the famed "Charla" ~

(a beautiful model and winner of the first ever Paradise Hotel t.v. show, seen in Maxim magazine, Dec.2003 issue, also mentioned on E! as the second sexiest woman on television)
Does anyone know where Dixie is?
She's usually in the Sunshine Beach Cafe...

I'm gunna go ask Aunt Dixie for some advice...

Do you think Aunt Dixie is really related to Charla?
Yes. The board moderator confirmed it.
by annonymous February 08, 2004
Does not include most of Kentucky or Virginia.
Sure in the hell doen't include Texas.
Best exemplified by Georgia, Alabama, Tennesse, Mississippi
The only two times you'll see the pearly gates is when you cross into Dixie or meet St.Peter.
by Limbic March 16, 2006
1. Penis (noun)
2. Person who acts with jerk like behavior (noun)

Derived from dick, meaning the male genitals.

Alternative spelling: Dixe
"Chill you damn dixe".
Meaning: Calm down you jerk.
"Eat a dixe".
Meaning: Suck a penis.
by Ace Willington April 13, 2005

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