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Pronunciation: dI-'v&r-s&-t&l
Function: adjective

Consistently excellent in myriad respects and or pursuits.
Kevin is a diversatile candidate. He would be an excellent choice to lead the team.
by Geoffrey Drake July 12, 2005
adding numerous and unique qualities in a variety of situations; used as a compliment or praise; a merging of word and meaning, diverse+versatile=diversatile.
Barck Obama is a diversatile politician: uniquely capable in a variety of environments and situations, and bringing a unique cultural perspective to white-dominated politics.

The Episcopal Church is a diversatile institution, providing prayers and rituals in many different places and many different ways.

Up With People was a diversatile travelling music group in the 1960s and 70s.
by Andrea McMillin January 28, 2009
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