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1) The official member Church of the Worldwide Anglican Communion in the United States of America;

2) The only Anglican church in the United States of America;

3) The church of such glorious, godly men as Samuel Seabury, William White, John Henry Hobart, Philander Chase, Jackson Kemper, James DeKoven, and al.
Schismatic: "Yeah, I'm so glad I'm a member of this new Anglican Mission in the Americas church, with a total of like four dudes, one priest and a bishop; thank Gosh I'm not an Episcopalian!"

Episcopalian: "I'm afraid, Sir, that I am the only Anglican here because I am a member of the Episcopal Church, and that you are a consummate douchebag who can slather your smackers around my fist which will shortly be engaging your throat."
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