Loves Anal sex, jewelry and LOVES being on the cover of every magazine. Loves attention and needs to be in the camera at all times. Bettie Page is her idol and wants to be just like her. Very overrated porn star and fetish model. Silicon breast. A natural blonde.
Cover of Playboy 2002.
by Jeff March 15, 2004
Top Definition
A pin up hottie with smooth milky white skin, raven black hair and cherry red lips... plus she has a kick ass retro style similar to Bettie Page's.
I'll bet her an Marilyn have some FREAKY sex
by sdfdsg May 03, 2005
The hottest and sexiest porn star ever, also Marilyn Manson's girlfriend.
Look! Dita is in the cover of the December 2002 issue of Playboy.
by Jackie November 17, 2003
The sexiest woman on the face of the Earth.
While Dita may have altered her body and is a stripper and a porn star, she still manages to be classier than all those pop bitches on MTV while still showing the same amount of skin.

Dita von Teese is gorgeous.
by R'Amen December 05, 2010
Burlesque dancer who is still famous for some reason that nobody really understands. Dresses like my grandma.

Described by Manson in an interview for mansonusa as: ''...some worthless piece of shit who thinks that they are the center of the universe.''
Dita von Teese might not be so happy that her ex-husband is the antichrist. Fun for all of us tho.
by Emilyfox February 04, 2008
uses marilyn manson... will do anything for a little fame, including marrage to marilyn manson... i hear shes a natural blonde HAHAHHA
'' i cant make up my own routines, so i'll just steal yours. ''
by phantom stranger October 23, 2004
Very ugly model who got a famous boyfriend and thus some exposure. Stripper who can not dance. Steals routines, ideas, outfits and basically everything from old performers and tries to claim that they are her own. Is proud of the fact that the military painted her picture on bombs that kill children.
Bascially your average white trash silicone gold digger.
Example: Takes credit and claims to be the maker of elaborate stage outfits that are actually designed by the very talented burlesque godess Miss Catherine D'Lish.
by Darling April 19, 2004
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