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A curious game which involves 'pennying' people. What's that you ask? Well...it's a method of getting a lot of people drunk very quickly.
"I got pennyed 12 times...8 times before food."
by Darling November 05, 2004
Princes amoungst men. Dashing, well dressed, funny, chivalrous and rather into their drink...the Corpus fresher's drinking society is quite definately the the greastest there has ever been.

"We ride together,
We die together,
Bad Boys for life."
"We really should have called it something other than corpist."
by Darling November 05, 2004
Very ugly model who got a famous boyfriend and thus some exposure. Stripper who can not dance. Steals routines, ideas, outfits and basically everything from old performers and tries to claim that they are her own. Is proud of the fact that the military painted her picture on bombs that kill children.
Bascially your average white trash silicone gold digger.
Example: Takes credit and claims to be the maker of elaborate stage outfits that are actually designed by the very talented burlesque godess Miss Catherine D'Lish.
by Darling April 19, 2004

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