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From "Who's That Chick" song with David Guetta featuring Rhianna. "dita" being another word for "diva."
She's being a crazy dita, disco diva, and you wonder, who's that chick?
by Rhianna'sLover April 03, 2011

(Noun) It is the pronunciation of the acronym D.I.T.M. which stands for "Dick In The Mouth."

1) It is the language spoken by a man/woman who wishes to perform oral sex on someone.

2) Term used to describe someone's carnal intentions ; usually relating to oral sex.
1) Yo, look at that drunk girl in the corner! She is clearly speakin' ditum tonight.

2) She can not speak a lick of english, but I heard she was fluent in ditum.
by Brian S. & Chris C. April 04, 2008
Dick in the ass

1. when someone walks, like they actually have a dick in their ass.

2. It virtually replaces the phrase " are you for real"

3. It can replace the words "awesome" , "anal sex", " Playa or Friend ", and even the term " awwwww diip or awww snap "

4. That's dick....because the D does in turn stands for dick

5. Greeting/Salutation
Ex/ Awww shit son that girl fucking walks like a penguin....shes got a DITA goin on.

Ex/ " Im going to the Taking Back Sunday concert"

" DITA?....thats sick wit it"

Ex/ -yo this ice cream is Dita
-awwww dita son you done did em

Ex/ That sucks what Im tryin to say is welcome to Dita's waterice cause the D stands for dick.

Ex/ " whats goin on son"
" whats up Dita"
by Jason aka Boontang February 10, 2004
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