Significantly to extremely drunk and therefore alcohol impaired. Naturally this is the sign of a smashing good time.
Hey Ted, let's find a bar and get totally discombobulated.

Man, I got so discombobulated at the party last night. Good thing I had a designated driver.
by ViciousBadger August 14, 2010
Knocked into a state of mental and bodily confusion in an athletic competition.
Ronnie Lott, Michael Strayhan, and Lawrence Taylor discombobulated many quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers during their NFL careers.
by Nypsey September 06, 2008

mental dystfunction due to consumption of intoxicating substances.
i'm feeling discombobulated
by stuart April 09, 2004
to be pushed to the point of extreme confusion, whereas you become tired and enter a drunk-like state.
someone has their head titled back, with their tongue hanging out. they are drooling,and keep trippign over their own feet.
"Is he drunk?"
"No, he's discombobulated,"
by fugabutacus August 01, 2005
when your too fucked up that you have to grip on to the ground that you feel your going to fall off the earth
I'm discombobulated man.
by dickinyamouth helicopter November 06, 2003
Hii Brandon!! lol
To be confused!
This Math Equation is discombobulateing me.
You are Discombobulated
by Leighah Annemarie December 04, 2008
Something that is not in the right order; not in a good mood.
I feel very discomboblulated right now.
by William Lucas March 01, 2005
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