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To be utterly and thuroughly confused with no hope of regaining any intelligent cognitive comprehension after being smoked and burnt for 3 or more daze at a time.
Girl, I'll tell you what...huh? I forgot what I was talking about. I'm all kinds of discombobulated. Did that just come out my mouth?...smokey-smokedy-smoked I am, I am. Discombobulated sista!
by MsSissyLaLa March 15, 2010
18 12
To be in caos or, not fully organized.
To be unassembled or messed up.
Someone fix this pipe its all discombobulated
by Jennifer Hamilton January 22, 2009
13 9
All mixed up.
My homework is all discombobulated since I haven't been going to school.
by chickfromjerseyyDUH June 22, 2010
7 5
A real word meaning confused, upset and frustrated.
She was really discombobulated by that dimwit but not anymore.
by Goddess12* December 18, 2013
0 0
past tense verb/adjective meaning a state of extreme combuffleness or being dissorientated.
he was compleatly discombobulated.
by sebastienbufflenesss November 07, 2008
2 3
(verb): dazed and confused
when you wake up,everythings still a bit hazy, it feels like the world is in a bubble and your on the outside gazing in
by katy birmingham July 29, 2005
25 26
Not understanding the situation. When ones head is in the clouds and one acts oblivious.
I ask a friend to to give me his take on a situation he should be familiar with, and he doesn't comprehend or acts like he has no idea what I'm talking about.
by Rich Ferrari November 29, 2003
48 49