when your too fucked up that you have to grip on to the ground that you feel your going to fall off the earth
I'm discombobulated man.
by dickinyamouth helicopter November 06, 2003
Top Definition
Feeling disconnected or unbalanced.
I keep forgetting things this week; I'm discombobulated.
by Megan February 05, 2004
When your mind has a million things running around in it and it makes you act like a fumbling retard.
I am sorry that I put my grandmother's teeth in your coffee, I was discombobulated.
#crazy #distracted #mindless #retarded #busy
by Sweet C October 08, 2008
out of order, cracked out, not working properly, contorting, blabbering nonsense, confused, dysfunctional, out of shape and out of mind.
( I took a full pull off the pipe and I was hella discombobulated )
#crack #meth #crystal #methamphetamine #smoke
by Hirosfca June 11, 2006
A state of being shocked and/or confused.
-What are you doing?
-I don't know!
-Stop, you don't know how to do anything?!
-Nice, you ruined it!
#discombobulated #confused #shocked #suprised #unsure #fed up
by sportsdude88 April 03, 2010
having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion
To throw into a state of confusion, when concentration is lost off the main topic.
by anonymous May 10, 2005
A very discombobulating way to say confused
Just seeing this word makes me so damn discombobulated ...
#confused #discombobulating #discombobulate #confusing #confusion
by LSY August 29, 2009
To be utterly and thuroughly confused with no hope of regaining any intelligent cognitive comprehension after being smoked and burnt for 3 or more daze at a time.
Girl, I'll tell you what...huh? I forgot what I was talking about. I'm all kinds of discombobulated. Did that just come out my mouth?...smokey-smokedy-smoked I am, I am. Discombobulated sista!
#smoked #loopy #retarded #window-licker #non-cognitive
by MsSissyLaLa March 15, 2010
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