A person who is very greasy, hairy, sweaty or smells very bad. Usually works as a gardener. Otherwise known as a kyle.
Dirty Mexican. Kyle, Simpsons dirty mexican. Abstinent bitches are gay. Lolfish. The dirty Mexican who mowes my lawn in campeltown. person from argentinian heritage.
by ugly bushpig February 11, 2010
Top Definition
a dirty mexican is a mexican who dosent clean themselves regularly. Someone who looks greasy and dosent take showers often. Someone who usually smells.
carlot is such a dirty mexican.
by Charlotte Stump... January 15, 2008
A dirty poor mexican who lives in a dirty dump of an apartment/house and can't afford to drive a decent car. Usually of lower income status and will end up scrubbing toilets for the rest of their lives.
I am a dirty mexican.
Mexicans who are very dirty. This includes bitches named Lil Wayne and Dora.
by HitMeHarderThanChrisBrown March 04, 2012
A shot of tequilla chased with a scoop of chocolate icing
"hey man, I have tequilla, bring some icing and we can do some dirty mexicans
by drg321 April 02, 2010
A Dirty Mexican when a male puts his dick into a soft or hard shell Taco and masturbates with it and afterwards use the taco to clean up the cum.
Dude I Dirty Mexican my self every night.
by Baseballplayer February 07, 2013
While driving in California, a dirtymexican typically drives slowly because they have no insurance, their car is in poor repair, or they really don't have anywhere to go. These persons, who usually drive vans or trucks, simply get in the way of normal folks trying to go to work.
This god damn dirtymexican should change lanes already because I'm late as it is.
by darksyde December 24, 2005
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