a hippie, or a guy with unusually long hair,
Whoa dude, look at that dirty hippie sitting on his blanket!
by Hello-Kassie June 10, 2009
Top Definition
A "dirty hippie" is more than likely a "neo hippie." They usually have dirty dreads, IF THEY ARE NOT A POSER..They probably dig on the Grateful Dead, Phish, and other cool jam bands. Some are artists. Some are strictly drug users. Some are homeless. Some have Jobs...BUT MOSTLY THEY HAVE SHIRTS THAT CAN STAND UP BY THEMSELVES AFTER PHISH TOUR..Patchouli sadly doesnt cover everything up
Me At one time..and some good phriends of mine...Ya gotta love em'!!!
by Marty Mar August 15, 2005
A chai latte with a shot of espresso. Often made with soymilk but not necessarily.
"What can I get you?" -Barrista
"I'll take a medium dirty hippie." -Customer
"What kind of milk?" -Barrista
"Vanilla soy, please." -Customer
by minteh December 20, 2008
Back in the days of the first hippies, uptights (Straights, drones) added "Dirty" in front of "hippie" to try further degredate Free Thinkers. Very simply, the straights started calling Free Thinkers "hippies" and it dinna bother them. So they started calling them "Dirty hippies" to try to get a raise out of them.
That guy asked me if I had a sister who wanted free love. The dirty hippie.
by Old hippie May 07, 2006
when ur smokin a joint with ur girl and u stick it in her rectum and let it burn the flesh of her inner-anus. then u re-light the joint and smoke it
i totally dirtyhippied that bitch last night. unfortunatley today she is in the hospital
by belskizzle mcslave January 15, 2005
( Disclaimer:Hippies are good but a dirty hippie is totally different!!)

Someone who tries to be ghetto and sleeps around.
Chelsea B. And Ethan M. are dirty hippies!!!!!!!
by one_who_doesn't_exist April 24, 2004

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