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someone who is being natural to their roots and not giving into what society says is right!!!

You don't need to shower everyday to smell good. just spray a little lavender and jump out the door
Dirt Hippy styllliliiingggs :)
Phil is a dirty hippy, he has dreadlocks and talks about peace a lot.
LOOK now he's listening to bob dylan again..

...Also I think the smell of rotting is coming from his hair..
But whatever man he's cool because he embraces his dirtiness!
by phil November 19, 2003
While two parties are eating out each other's ass, one party farts in the second party's mouth.
He gave me a dirty hippy without any warning!
by lukevw22 December 20, 2010
A young man, Usually a student, studying Music production technology in Northern England
Man! That guy on MSN is a dirty Hippy!

That Dirty Hippy will be the downfall of our glourious english empire, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN !
by Belvadere Smithe III OBE.MBE. January 28, 2003
A roadie with Genghis Khan't the greatest band in the world.

The lead singer for The Revellers, the UK's only Leveleers tribute band

A peace loving, long haired, beardy bloke from Maidstone
Look there's Del the Dirty Hippy off to another festival
by Del, the Dirty Hippy January 16, 2004

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