adj. Possessing narcotics or other illegal substances hidden on your person.

Person 1: The fucking pigs are pulling us over, you clean?

Person 2: Shit-nah n*gga. I'm dirty.

Person 1: Swallow that shit real quick.

Person 2: A'ight
by Jazzerain7 July 17, 2006
Any group of girls that aptly fit the term dirty.

Usually see in murderous packs at parties.
"Oh shit, check out that group of dirties that just lamped in!"
by the product September 13, 2005
weed mixed with cocaine
that nigga twitchin like that cause he smoked a dirty
by Jawhan May 30, 2005
In the South, a girl, friend, pal, person.
Hey, dirty. What's good?
by hannerkinz July 17, 2009
Nickname of the Ol' Dirty Bastard,possibly the most famous member of the Brooklyn-based hip-hop group The Wu-Tang clan; known for his raw freestyle technique and unabridged method of rapping. AKA: Dirt McGirt, Ason, Dirt dog, Big baby Jesus, ODB
You kin call muh dirty, an then lif' up yo skirt.
by Johnny-ringo March 28, 2006
n. A person who does drugs, neglects showering, has greasy hair, and wears alot of black. They usually do not try in school and can usually be smelled from a considerable distance. They are the social outcasts that seem like they might set the place on fire or blow it up, if given the chance.
Person 1: Whoa! Did you smell that kid?

Person 2: Yea, who didn't? He smells like a dirty now that he started smokin pot!
by Hermione G. February 01, 2010
another word for the evil stare, mainly used in Australia, New Zealand and also Torres Strait Islands.
Friend 1 - I just walked by and she chucked me the dirties
Friend 2 - What a Bitch!
by ilikepeoplewhoareweird November 15, 2010
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