When something that is said or done degrates someone in a funny manner.
"Hey Steve, i'm saving my viginity until marriage."
"Really Tim? Well...thats cool i guess....im sure he'll be good for you"
by Guinzo March 31, 2003
D.I.R.T.Y. (der'tay)

abbreviation: Doin it right to ya;

'v 'to please some being or

something's wild fantasy.
heaven-sent I'm gonna groove to your place and give you my D.I.R.T.Y.
by DIRTY:DoinItRightToYa July 21, 2014
A derogatory term in Southwest Washington State for a group of people who share similar qualities.

You might be a dirty if you share some of these characteristics:
*The majority of your clothes are from Hot Topic.
*Your clothes reek of cigarettes.

*You have a poor complexion and smell bad.
*Your hairstyle is dated and your hair is greasy.
*You accessorize yourself with jewelry purchased from a 50 cent coin toy dispenser.
*Dragons and flames are images commonly found on your clothing.

*You are a fan of Korn, Limp Bizkit, and ICP.
*You own cheap ninja weapons.
*You play D&D and have lengthy conversations about it even when you are not playing it.
*You are a fan of Professional Wrestling, and think The Undertaker is punk rock.
"Yo, look at that Dirty wearing the Korn shirt, doesn't he know they went out of style like 10 years ago."
by ludacris815 November 14, 2011
1.gross; disgusting

2.been "around"

3.does stuff people would never think about doing, they would despise.

4.type of look.
"Abby is so dirty, she likes it anal."

"Ewww did you see Katie, shes a nice girl, just dirty looking"
by maylaa October 31, 2011
A human that is weird, oddly shaped, or doesn't fit in with the ''cool crowd''. The dirty race usually wears hand me down clothing, and has no fashion sense whatsoever.
Sam: Have you seen that new chick Patricia? She is dirty!
Joe: Hell yeah! She is one of those dirties!
by Samantfraa August 20, 2011
To do someone wrong
a bitch slaps you and yoUr homeboy says " Damn Dawg she did you dirty".
by TWEEDY863 April 08, 2010
adj; great at something,usually sports
That guy is dirty at football

Gomes,you are too dirty at passing
by Bryan coloma September 05, 2008

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