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an asshole piercing; usually a big gold ring
that guy's gonna regret getting that dirty jacobs when he has to take a shit..
by the homo squad July 23, 2010
a half man half wolf who battles vampires and tries to get with underage girls all the while he secretly is masterbating to his memory of Edward with no shirt on.
Dude you know that guy from twilight?

Who Jacob?

Yah he is such a Dirty Jacob! I even cought him fondling my nutsack last night.
by JuniorBaconCheeseBelly July 12, 2010
A man gives his girl a dirty sanchez in a walrus stache shape and after finishing blows his load on the womans face.
Yeah last night my girl let me give her the dirty jacob. It was a good night.
by pimpdazzle July 13, 2009
to fuck a bitch while intoxicated on Skyy Vodka, then proceed to vomit all over the bitches face. Followed by running out of the room with one's dick hanging out
That fool was so drunk I heard he pulled a Dirty Jacob on that skank Jaylene
by DirtyJacobFucker May 28, 2009

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