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A woman who has a high sex drive, doesn't have good hygiene and bad grammar.
Such a shame she is a dirty girl.
by thatswhatyourmamasaid May 28, 2010
20 17
Girl who goes creepin on her man.
"Tiff went creepin on you man, she's a dirty girl."
by September Way August 09, 2007
42 42
Someone who is into immoral acts, especially sexual ones. This term is often said with a seductive tone of voice accompanied by a light squeeze of the recipient's nipple. Does not necessarily apply to a specific gender or situation.
Person 1: Dude my girlfriend let me take the back door last night.

Person 2: Oooo, you're a dirty girl.

Person 1: Dude, I finished my homework project three days early.

Person 2: Oooo, you're a dirty girl.
by B.Hop February 17, 2009
33 52
a sexy, attractive girl who works at a fast food restaurant or any where considered DIRTY.
see that girl at burger king? she DIRTY!
by ch0ng August 06, 2005
15 46
An attractive girl who works at a fast food restaurant or any other job considered DIRTY.
that girl from burger king is soo DIRTY
by ch0ng August 05, 2005
8 39
one who does not bathe , shower or cleanse herself.. often does not wash the hair.. has a stench about her.. and wears dirty clothes
HEy she's a dirty girl
by wench April 26, 2004
11 44
1) Male genitalia tucked between the legs.
2) The act of a man tucking his genitals (this may or may not be accompanied with this man dancing around like a fairy).
1)Jake hooked up with this hot chick last night, but when he went up her skirt he found a dirty girl.

2)I walked into the bedroom and Fred was doing the dirty girl in my panties
by bakulishious May 10, 2006
14 50