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When a girl comes over to your house, is a cock tease, and passes out in your bed. You jack off cum on her face, bring in your roommate to laugh and fall asleep next to her. She wakes up the next morning and gets a ride home from you. The following day at work you quit from embarrassment.
I quit my job today.


I dirty daved this girl at work.
by Sean Mcdaniel August 29, 2006
A dirty dave is a sexual act of such inscrutable lecherousness that there are no words in the English language to accurately describe the act. The term is named after U.S. Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) who famously used taxpayer money to try to perform the salacious act on an escort.
"Dude, the dirty dave makes the dirty sanchez and two girls one cup seem like softcore vanilla skinemax"; "I spent all night trying to dirty dave her harder than David Rivera on his constituents".
by marcor August 20, 2012
That one kid in your school, workplace, or town who is constantly jacking off and doesn't care who knows. His life revolves around the art of arousal and reluctantly refuses to hang with his friends and instead practices his stamina in bed.
Wheres David?

He said he couldn't make it.

What a Dirty Dave!

Seriously, it's like the third weekend in a row!
by rhdallas April 11, 2011
Noun or Adjective; Verb (dirty daving)
1. A man who can artfully walk the line between being a suave gentleman player and a total man whore.

2. To flirt or "mack" on multiple women, successfully, all at once.

3. A man who succeeds not only in the art of flirtation, but also reaps the rewards of true seduction.

4. When going out to clubs and parties, the guy who can dance with whichever girl he desires.

More often than not a dirty dave seems like an innocent, well to do guy, then it turns out he's getting women to take their shirts off faster than Jackie Chan does a kung-fu kick!
Ex.) Last week he got her number, today he took her on a romantic date, tonight he's sleeping at her place... what a Dirty Dave.

Ex.) "Yo bro I finally asked that girl to dance with me!"
"That's great man, but I was Dirty Daving, I already danced with all the other women at this party."

Ex.) "I Dirty Daved at the party last night. Completely charmed these three women to going on dates with me and got 5 additional women's numbers! WAHOO!"
Double shot of whiskey, shot of vodka and shotgun a beer... The cheaper the better.
After that dirty dave i was able to bang that ugly slut.
by Cuddles025 July 21, 2008
When a female is giving a male a blow-job and she throws up in his urethra. The male then masturbates on the the womans face giving her a mix of cum and throw up facial
Dude, how was brittany last night?

Not job man she gave me a dirty dave.

OMG thats disgusting!
by BIGNICK26 February 02, 2011
Like unto the Dirty sanchez or dirty hulk hogan, a man is gettin a girl in the ass, pulls out, and decorates said partner's face with a full beard and stache. OF POO!
I thought he would give me a dirty sanchez, but i was surprised to recieve a dirty dave. I was delighted!
by Chip Kimbal February 03, 2007

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