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a dirty bitch; a simple abbreviation. Black eyed peas just decided not to finish the word.

like obvi (obviously) or clit (clitoris)

Note: not necessarily negative. can be used in an endearing way.
you dance like a dirty bit.

girl, you were a dirty bit on the soccer field today; your moves were insane, like a Brazilians.
by DirtyBit4Life December 01, 2010
add a CH, genius.
a:"dirty bit" b:"what?" a:"dirty BITCH" b:"ohhh"

"..and i swear its the truth, and i owe it all to you you you you- you-you-y-y-y-y-you... DIRTY BIT" **massive jam out**
by i am so frikin bored... December 19, 2010
A dirty Bit is computer lingo. When the "bit" tells the computers OS or operating system that it is about to write new data to a disk. Once the new data is being added the "dirty bit" is usually removed. a single 'bit" of memory.
When the CPU performs a cache read/write process, the "dirty bit" is usually removed.
by Mr.T63 March 04, 2011
a clean way of saying dirty bitch in the black eyed peas song time of my life.
that girl was acting like a dirty bit when she was dancing.
by africkkk November 29, 2010
The act of inserting ones penis into the rectum of another... without a condom.
Alex, did you just dirtybit Katie?

Why does my dick smell poopy? Because we just dirtybit.
by Strobz123 August 05, 2011
an overplayed, cultually-devoid radio hit which - after seemingly infinite repitition - induces the listener to insert a chopstick into his or her eardrum.
Dude, change the station on that dirty bit...another second of Kelly Clarkson and it's time for Hari-kari...
by jerdyck July 09, 2011
When a boy or girl has dirty low downs or hang lows
She's got a real dirtybit, trust me
by S3INFELD December 16, 2010
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