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this happens when a person sticks their penis in a can of bean dip and makes a girl suck it off
dylan-"hey did you get that dirty bean last night??"
jon-"hell yeah"
by sticklapop March 26, 2010
Combination of "dirty" as in "dirty secret", and "beans" as in "spill the beans". As in share with us your secret.
Girl: "Honestly though, looking back, I think I can say I'm happy with what I did."

Boy: "Well, then you have done as good as you can for a first pass - no regrets."

Girl: "Hey, I didn't say there are no regrets. There are several."

Boy: "ooo dirty beans"
by .l. master September 24, 2012
Due to a specific young man's geneology ,it has become neccessary to refer to him as a Bean , rather than a Beaner. This is due in part to his mother's hispanic heritage, and his father's lack-ther-of.
1~Friend: "Hey Bean, why don't you run track?"
2~Bean: "I'm not a fucking mexican!"

1~Friend: "Did you see Farris' car"
2~Other Guy:"Yeah man, it didn't have any hubcaps!"
3~Bean(as he walks up to join the conversation): "Hey guys, wanna buy some hubcaps?"
1~Friend: "Where'd you get those?!"
3~Bean: "Oh these? These are what I call the punishment for cheating on my best girl!"
2~Other guy: "Damn you! Dirty Bean!"