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while he or she is performing oral sex on a femal and that femal has not cleaned her vagina properly the one perfoming oral sex will recieve dirtface.
Johnny has recieved dirtface form cathys vagina.
by Taylor Hensen March 17, 2007
the feeling of dried up dirt, sweat, and/or sex juice on your face after a long day of hard work.
After a long day of hard work, Fundo got home and slept, only to find the Shroud of Fundo on his pillow when he awoke. He thought it was a message from the messiah, but it was really just his dirtface.
by authOOr June 27, 2006
a dirt face is when you shit on your hand and smear it all over a person's face.
Justin Andrew Zych, from Plano, TX, is a huge dick sucker who loves to be snow angled and puppy chowed all day.
Justin Andrew Zych, from Plano, TX, was talking shit the other day, so I snuck up behind him and gave him a huge dirt face from behind.
by brent lindeman December 29, 2008
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