An individual who is not capable of respectfully participating in any common aspect of society including/but not limited to: hygiene, intelligence, fitness, appearance, style, speech, sexual relations, means of transportation, housing, and familial obligations. They get their clothes from school lost and founds and go to costco to eat the free samples for dinner. In the eyes of society this person is about as useful as a bag of dirt, they can be used to fill up holes in the ground and thats about it. Nobody wants a dirtbag in their house because they will soil all the carpet and then try to eat the shit out of the catbox.
Dude, get this dirtbag out of my house! He is making the air contaminated.

Dylan: Hey man, can Joey come to the party?
Cameron: No way dude, that kid is a dirtbag. He always shows up smellin' like low tide at the bay, and always tries to steal my clothes and eat my cats shit!!
by c.harris June 02, 2011
A guy who has no standards when it comes to women. He will fuck anything that breathes, and it won't faze him one bit the morning after. He is also an alcoholic,and cigarette/drug addict, or recovering drug addict, who never went to college. Most likely does manual labor work and spends more than he earns. A real filthy, poverty-licking, ugly, just nasty motherfucker.
Hey dirtbag: come here you degenerate waste of breath and change my tires.
by ladies man12433 April 14, 2009
Dirtbag is a stile commonly known from the 80's. a style which included listening to metal, rock or acid music(bands include likes of Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, George Thorogood, Pink Floyd) most dirtbags would(although commonly exist in todays society)be caught with a cigarette or some sort of drug that is illegal by todays standerds. Clothes of dirtbags are usually an 80's or 70's band shirt(commonly Iron Maiden, or Metallica ride the lightning and master of puppets shirt)ripped and/or bleached tight blue jeans and for guys long hair(usually about shoulder length)hats would/ are usually worn and are usually black or represent a band and are often faded by choice.
dirtbags are often missunderstood and are thought to only exist to cause havoc. But thats only half of what we do. Dirtbags are genually nice people and do not cause problems unless we are really bored or you start something.

The dirtbag style can be seen in todays modern metal and rock and its followers.
Those who are true to it have stuck to its roots and are heavy into the 80's style.
I'm a true dirtbag.

Dirtbags will never die.

I'm a 80's dirtbag, braught up in a 90's and 2000 world
by SHAD-OH! July 14, 2006
One who cannot be trusted with secrets/emotions/keys, and who will betray trust flagrantly for explicitly no reason; an asshole flake; a symptom of societal nihilism and possibly the lack of accountability found in our government.
I always fall in love with these guys/girls that turn out to be dirtbags. One day they're telling me they love me, then I never hear from them again.
anyone living in miami who drives a trans am, drinks domestic beer, and listens to rock n roll
Mike is a dirtbag; he is so cool
by 77transam June 18, 2005
A wine connoisseur of the highest stature. One who understands the importance and pedigree of excellent dirt which will grow perfect vines. The resulting vines produce grapes which are pressed to create an elixir of the gods.
Dirtbag is often mis-understood, and should not be used in a derogative way when related to wine.
by Wine Angel September 23, 2009
n. Car sales term: A person who has terrible credit and has difficulty in obtaining financing for a vehicle. They often show up in beat up trade- ins that theyhave a negative equity issue with. Most often a waste of time.
I wasted three hours on a Dirt Bag today. and we could not get him approved!
by danth666 September 18, 2009

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