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The most indestructable, intimidating, hardcore vehicle on this planet. People who drive a trans am, know whats good in life. except for here in miami, cause this place sucks. Made famous by Smokey and the Bandit movies.
Girls: Look at that guy in a Trans Am, he is so hot.
by 77transam July 09, 2005
in a girl on girl fight, a punch to the pussy
angie kicked this girls ass when she gave her a muff punch
by 77transam August 27, 2006
a jacuzzi that has 3 or more women with large tits. they can be real or fake as they "float" in the water
uncle randy found himself in a floating melon patch with 4 los angeles "inspiring" actresses
by 77transam August 27, 2006
anyone living in miami who drives a trans am, drinks domestic beer, and listens to rock n roll
Mike is a dirtbag; he is so cool
by 77transam June 18, 2005

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