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Short for "die in real life." It is usually used by online gamers, chat users, and internet forum participators.
Did you read that post? Whoever wrote that should dirl.
by Krack Baby August 03, 2003
45 10
An acronym for the ever-popular term "Die In Real Life"
Hey Billy, why dont you DIRL, you buttseckser?
by SilentKnight February 23, 2003
16 7
DiRL is a once prolific call of duty - zombies player who has been banned from playing online due to constant texting during a game, causing his player to die. His ability to pull chicks, however, remains prolific. He barracks for a sub-par footy team.
"DiRL, what the fuck are you doing?"
"He's sending a text, his heart's not in it tonight"
by grandcreator August 23, 2011
4 3
means to vibrate, to shake, or to rumble.
The bass from my music will dirl the house.
by Zeyad Saadeh December 05, 2005
11 21
your main chica, your favorite friend, not just a girl but a special out of the ordinary one that people notice. Usually out-going, loud, and center of attention.
I love that my dirls always get picked first/
by AliAB August 27, 2008
2 13
girl with a d
"my lebaron is my dirl"
by Hammy Ham Ham August 09, 2003
5 52