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One of the 3 words in the islamic language, these are "Dirka Dirka", "Muhammad", and "Jihad". These words have no meaning and are just thrown together to say whatever you mean.
Islamic: "Muhammad jihad dirka dirka jihad, dirka dirka muhammad."
Translation: "Let's go burn the corpse of an infidel".
by Devan January 12, 2005
Main phrase in any terrorist language along with jihad. From the movie Team America: World Police.
Terrorist: Dirka dirka! Jihad!
Guy: Jihad. Dirka dirka jihad.
by meowmixx December 26, 2004
The man with the turban that works at the gas station.
Everytime I pay $3.05 cents for a gallon of gas I feel like telling the dirka dirka behind the counter to go ^%&^ himself.
by Deborah Lee June 03, 2006
1. A common phrase among terrorists to transverse with one another.
2. Commonly seen with Mohammed, and the religious action "Jihad"
Terrorist: Dirka Dirka, Mohammed Jihad....DIRKA DIRKA, MOHAMMED JIHAD!!!

Gary: Dirka Dirka, Mohammed Jihad. Shirpa, Happa, Shirpa Shirpa. Dirka Allah.

Terrorist:.....Ahh, Dirka Dirka Dirka
by Dalizadeh July 10, 2008
1) Used as gibberish representing terrorist speak, most likely to be Arabic.

2) Can also be use to refer to people of middle eastern descent.

2) Hey, look at those Dirkadirka's over there, I with those terrorists wouldn't hang out near us.
by SpankMasterFlex007 April 11, 2008
what you haven't team america world police!
girl 1: hey terrorist!

terrorize this!

(shotgun blast)

terrorist: dirka dirka
by greenlantern16 March 09, 2011
probably best work ever from the best film ever team america wooooo

jihaaaaaaaddddd dirkkkkkaaaa dirrrkkkaaaaa
towel head 1- have u got the WMD's

towel head 2- yes theyre hidden in my ass

towel head 1- ahhh dirka dirka let me get them
by ahh dirka dirka June 05, 2009
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