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Sick, ill,dope,awesome,swazy,rad,sick,uber hot,amazing,perfect, the best.
"dude, i just got a bumpkin, it was more dird then domeski.

"did you see that girl's fatty, its dird"

"after eatting the free food from panda express, i was more dird then someone who took 5 laxatives"

"that party last night was so dird, did you see when linda took her top off?"

"she has the dird body.. but i hate her tat"
by ODOMINAT3 May 08, 2009
Something disgusting because it is either dirty or stinks or both. This can also apply to a person you have never met and have n idea if they are dirty buy you are just talking badly about them.
What are you wearing man? Those old man shoes are Dird!!!

Did you see that girl on the corner? That bitty was Dird!
by Taraaaaaaaaa September 05, 2008
Dird-little tiny creatures that live in the holes in ur walls. Background- the computer game, CatDog
The dird over there is pink.
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