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constantly making an easy task hard, asking for the moon when only the sky is possible
the tasks on cheryls dipshitery list are impossible to do
by glenn kelly October 13, 2005
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The act of being a complete dipshit. Performing and engaging in activities that only an incompetent and overly-intoxicated moron would. Results in mistakes, ie. jail time, forehead wounds, self infliction, peeing in everything except the toilet, destroying the kitchen, driving drunk, getting kicked out of various establishments, and basically destroying everything in their path.
These two dipshits should not be left alone, otherwise their dipshitery is unleashed.
by aquateenhungerforce March 28, 2011
The act of being stupid or making a mistake. What dipshits engage in.
"He did that? That's some dipshitery, man."
"There's some dipshitery goin' on rightchere!"
by Jo Strawberry February 06, 2007
The pinnacle of douchebags and obnoxious twats. On another whole level of pretentious assholes.

Dipshitery is likely to be studied in artsy fartsy universities in the 23rd century.
"He used 'haych' instead of 'h' as his pseudonym, what a classic show of dipshitery!" - probably somebody from the 23rd century at some stage.
by ~jay. June 29, 2014

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