Dip shit. One who is an idiot. Dip shit is offten used as a negitive name...an insult. Dip shits usually work in industries requiring them to talk to a large number of people. These include: people at the DMV, super market workers, the person behind the counter at the post office, or a taxi driver. A dip shit can also be someone that makes you want to knock yourself out with the smell of your own socks. Example: your cousin, dorm neighbor that blairs their fuckin' music all night long, or even the guy in the red Jetta that cut you off on the highway the other day.
Get the fuck away from me or I'll kick your mother-fucking ass, dip shit!
by Nimrod1 February 06, 2006
George Walker Bush
George W Bush is the biggest dipshit not only the usa, but the world has seen.
by SkeezerPleaser December 27, 2006
Someone who many people loathe and would like to see disapear from the planet earth. A person who lives to create havock for others. A person who is despised as a human being.
Vitale is a such a dipshit no prospects. Why dosent he just vaporize himself and call it a day?
by Gunssa December 27, 2007
insult - you are a dipshit, or as in terminator 2 as jon C converses with a jock after learning Arnies in his control.

meaning - you are a stupid shit. dip meaning thick.. "she's a bit of a dip" and shit obviously being the more insulting.
Jon connor: who's the dip shit now, dip shit!
by Low_reZ February 20, 2005
A person that does stupid things
"He quit his job in a recession & now cant find a new one. What a dipshit"
by Iva Longprong April 02, 2009
dipshit:someone that is absolutely stupid and says tje stupidest things.
becky:when is spring break?
mia:omg! ure a dipshit

what my dad calls me
by becky February 26, 2005
A term, originating from chaminade high school, used when a person is packing a huge lip, while simultaneously taking a shit (aka as taking a Dugo) in the bathroom.
Mike: hey bro, I just took the most glorious dipshit when I got home.
Sean: nice bro, I'm gunna take a dipshit when I get home lol
by Crab dictator January 17, 2011
An extremely moronic person.
Bob, "Stop being a dipshit"!
by James Nathaniel May 24, 2008

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