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A gorgeous girl that will blow your mind. Perfect body. Medium boobs, bubble butt, and loooong legs. Very nice girl. great personality. Beutiful face, eyes, hair. Amazing at everything she does. If only i could have her.
boy: "Damn Hailie, can I get with you?"
Hailie: "I have a boy friend, but we can all hang out sometime."

Girl: "OH sorry Hailie. I didn't mean to bumb into you."
Hailie: "It's okay. Do you need any help?"
by itistwattis April 08, 2010
Really really sweet , a total people person, smart, cute and funny. Gorgeous eyes and face. Everybody wants to be her. Amazing personality!
Guy 1: Wow she's so amazing! What's her name?

Guy 2: Oh, that's Hailie. She's like super smart and hott!

Guy 1: That explains why her name is Hailie...
by beethovenkicksbutt January 28, 2011
Same name as Eminem's daughter, but this Hailie is better. This hot girl will blow any girl out of the water. She has a nice ass and a beautiful face, but with okay boobs. She has the prettiest gold hair you've ever seen. Her body is perfect and I only wish I'd be lucky to have a girl like her. Damn, I wanna have sex with that fine girl.
Guy#1: You see that girl over there?
Guy #2: Yeah that hot one?
Guy#1: She's mine.

Guy#2: She looks like a Hailie
by P3N1SSS69 December 05, 2009
A pathological liar; known to lie about unimportant things. Popular with men because she is easy. Easily and often mistaken for a prostitute when she's in public.
Wow, look at that Hailie, we should ask her if shes workin or walkin.

Yeah she's gross, she's such a Hailie.
by queenbittcchh November 11, 2013
Hailie is what eminem named his penis. you can most commonly find people using this word in the RHH section of yahoo answers. whenever eminem say's hailie in his lyrics it is what he named his penis.
The "Hailie" references include this bizarre and deeply disturbing threat toward his mother:

"Ma.... Hailie's getting so big now, you should see her, she's beautiful!
But you'll never see her, she won't even be at your funeral!"
A total bitch

She acts sweet but is a total backstabber

You can be best friends with this girl then she will treat u like shit for no reason
She is a acne face whore dont trust this bitch at all
Girl: EW! look at her!
Girl2:Gross she is so fugly!
Girl 1: She must be Hailie, u know that bitch/whore thats going around skool acting like a ho right?

Girl 2: Nope i dont like looking a trash lets get out f here before i barf1
by ErikaM. January 15, 2011
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