a highly skilled job which requires many years of practice..... you should know you seem to be doing it just fine.
You sir are a dip shit.
by pedro-da-possom November 22, 2011
the dumbest piece of shit you'll ever meet;
also known as a dumbass
nick cappa
-"nick cappa is such a dipshit"
by Microbiology December 31, 2010
see fred
A: hey, do you know if theres a new fred video on youtube?
B: who gives a fuck, he's a dipshit!!!!!!!!!!
by SHExxLIKESxxBARINAS November 24, 2009
there are a few definitions for this but all i know is an insult which people can use it ass or it is also an action where u take a pinch of dip such as copenhagen grizzly or even pussy skoal and u just sit on the toilet and take a shit it may sound like a normal shit but it is actually a hell of a lot better feeling because somehow it increaces the buzz u get from the nicotene in the dip works best eith copenhagen snuff or copenhagen straight since they have the most nicotene in them but this is not the same effect as tht weird acid shit some people do these days
bestfriend: man i gotta go take a shit
me: hey take a pinch of tht copenhagen before u do take a dipshit
best friend: why
me: just do it
best friend: ok......comes back 30 minutes later ..........tht was amazing u think u could get me a can
me: yea sure man none of tht pussy skoal though
by lilzackhull July 20, 2014
One who looks up and/or defines their own name on urban dictionary like an egotistical fuck.
Person x: I'm going to define my own name on Urban Dictionary! "Person x: a funny, sexy, nice, strong, rich etc.

Person x is a dipshit
by comeonpeople May 06, 2015
(noun) One who is lacking in mental capability to understand life's simplest things, such as completing a simple task given or simply opening a jar of mayonnaise without assistance.
1) "Wow, you drank that entire gallon of lethal fluids? You're such a dipshit!"

2) Anyone with lower than a 12th Grade education is often a dipshit or does dipshit type things.

3) Every Will Ferrell Movie involves his character being a dipshit.

4) "Wow, did you just run into a door? You're such a dipshit!"
by President of JMV Mom Fan Club November 30, 2013
a dumb fuckhead who fucks shit up with no dick. a dipshit has a lame ass face which induces pain in children. their high pitched woman voices attract child molesters which then proceed to butt-fuck their small brains out.
"hey look its gage"
"wow he is such a dipshit"
by kliljjjjj August 14, 2011

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