1) to be; The act of using smokeless (dipping) tobacco.

This may be apparent to others visually by observing the change in shape of the user's mouth along the lower lip.

2) A mental and physical state which occurs after using smokeless (dipping) tobacco, such as Copenhagen or Skoal. The user may find this state to be very relaxing and pleasurable at the time, and may even be accompanied with an apathetic attitude or disinterest in the user's present environment, especially when used in high amounts or for a seldom user.
"Look at Chipper Jones, he is definitely dipped up for this plate appearance."

"Man, I am so dipped up right now, this was a great idea for this fishing trip."

"Being dipped up really helps pass the time, doesn't it?"
by brutebastard June 24, 2009
Top Definition
When Someone Gets Stabbed
That Yute Got Dipped Up
by 67k July 31, 2015
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