small as hell.

(this can be used in either a good or negative way. your pick)
Did you see how dinky that nigga was?
by bangbang224 April 08, 2014
Nickname for the shuttle train, operated by New Jersey Transit, that runs between Princeton and Princeton Junction. Also known as the PJ & B (Princeton Junction and Back)
Service on the dinky will resume with the 3:16 departure from Princeton and the 3:30 departure from Princeton Junction.
by NJCommuter July 23, 2012
of small size
"You have such a dinky penis"
by muff-bluff October 19, 2011
Variation of Yuppie...Dual-Income-No-Kids-Yuppie.
Look at those damn Dinkies in thier his and hers Mercedes.
by Mike Lowe July 09, 2003
A slow-moving mouth breather with terrible posture and low energy.
She dinky, you see how long it took her to turn her head?
by Dottie Angeles October 03, 2013
A dogs wiener that usually has a bright red head.
That dog has such a huge dinky.
by Adinkylover April 29, 2011
1. lame and uncool; not popular

2. silly; ditzy; crazy
"You actin real dinky right now..."
by 1111 August 21, 2006
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