another way of saying cocaine

also known as dink and dinkis
you got that dinky?
by the port November 23, 2010
Not to be confused with dingy, or dinghy, this word is an adjective used to desribe anything that's insignificant, worth little to nothing in value, smaller in size, or just overall crappy.
1. Put that dinky toy back on the shelf. It's gay.

2. I wanted an iPhone, but all I got was this dinky Sprint Touch.

3. I couldn't afford a large fry, so I just ordered the dinky small size.

4. My mom said as a teenager, she drove a dinky Geo Metro.
by well whatever August 24, 2008
A modern couple who prefer to enjoy life a bit before having kids. Usually the couple will be seen as "careless" with money - when in fact they're just harmlessly spending the money they have saved by not having kids early in life.

"Double Income No Kids Yuppie"

Seen as derogatory term by over-jealous idiots that decide to have kids at 16 and therefore have lost the majority of their youth to dirty nappies and child benefit.

Little do they realise that most DINKYs settle down at 30 and have kids - so they get the best of both worlds. In fact most DINKYs by this point have been able to save some of their extra cash to support the child when it finally the child a better chance at life.
"I see the dinkys next door have bought themselves a new 42" plasma screen tv. Its disgusting I tell ya. They don't know what they're missing."


"How can you possibly afford that amazing school for kids??"
"oh simple really, we were DINKYs until about 3 years ago, so we were able to put some money aside as well as enjoying ourselves...we have enough left over to get them into a decent college when they're old enough too"
by Urban Dictionary November 19, 2005
small as hell.

(this can be used in either a good or negative way. your pick)
Did you see how dinky that nigga was?
by bangbang224 April 08, 2014
A slow-moving mouth breather with terrible posture and low energy.
She dinky, you see how long it took her to turn her head?
by Dottie Angeles October 03, 2013
Nickname for the shuttle train, operated by New Jersey Transit, that runs between Princeton and Princeton Junction. Also known as the PJ & B (Princeton Junction and Back)
Service on the dinky will resume with the 3:16 departure from Princeton and the 3:30 departure from Princeton Junction.
by NJCommuter July 23, 2012
of small size
"You have such a dinky penis"
by muff-bluff October 19, 2011

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