Brand name associated with childrens toys, generally refering to small metal cars or trucks
"Mum ! Jason wont give me back my Dinky"
"Jason! stop teasing your brother"
by David Arnott September 02, 2003
another way of saying cocaine

also known as dink and dinkis
you got that dinky?
by the port November 23, 2010
A modern couple who prefer to enjoy life a bit before having kids. Usually the couple will be seen as "careless" with money - when in fact they're just harmlessly spending the money they have saved by not having kids early in life.

"Double Income No Kids Yuppie"

Seen as derogatory term by over-jealous idiots that decide to have kids at 16 and therefore have lost the majority of their youth to dirty nappies and child benefit.

Little do they realise that most DINKYs settle down at 30 and have kids - so they get the best of both worlds. In fact most DINKYs by this point have been able to save some of their extra cash to support the child when it finally the child a better chance at life.
"I see the dinkys next door have bought themselves a new 42" plasma screen tv. Its disgusting I tell ya. They don't know what they're missing."


"How can you possibly afford that amazing school for kids??"
"oh simple really, we were DINKYs until about 3 years ago, so we were able to put some money aside as well as enjoying ourselves...we have enough left over to get them into a decent college when they're old enough too"
by Urban Dictionary November 19, 2005
small as hell.

(this can be used in either a good or negative way. your pick)
Did you see how dinky that nigga was?
by bangbang224 April 08, 2014
Rubbing your finger lightly back and forth on one's body ie. back; Tickles;
Give me dinkies on my back and I'll give you dinkies when you're done!
by roxstar505 September 15, 2010
A term used in basketball.

It refers to someone who takes a shot while playing basketball from no further than 5 feet from the rim.

This term will mainly be used negatively when someone misses a 5 foot shot or closer.

This term can not be used to decribe a missed - Slam Dunk or Lay up, only an actual shot.
"You had a wide open shot under the rim and you missed that Dinky."

"I can't make any shot, i even miss the dinky's."
by thehype May 06, 2010
a small 3 wheeled tricycle for children usually under the age of 4. this bike consists of one approximately 10 inch wheel with pedals at the front and 2 small 5 inch wheels at the back. the dinky may also have a small tray beneath the 2 rear wheels.
the dinky is usually blue in colour with a yellow or white, flat seat. these bikes can be ridden by adults for a joke or to take off a jump for fun.
the boy was very proud of himself. he was the only boy in the neighbourhood with a shiny new dinky, he could not wait to ride it.
by Benny 7588 July 18, 2006

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