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A tiny dried up or petrified ball of feces that gets caught in a man's ass hair. It can be the result of not washing your ass or not properly wiping your ass after taking a crap.
When the hippie/stoner pulled down his pants, the girl caught a glimpse of his dinkleberries and refused to have sex with him.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
A rounded up piece of toilet paper stuck to the underside of ones ass, usually surrounding the anus.
That dude is a dinkleberry.
by Pesamistic Optimist August 18, 2009
The crap, toilet paper mix that gets caught in the ass, or subjects of the ass, see gooch.
Dude, I was ripping out dinkleberrys last night, it hurt like hell, I think I bled.
by Anso May 18, 2008
A butt hair with a tiny piece of crap at the end of it.
Dave's butt is covered in dinkle berries!
by Cristinnnnaaaaa July 24, 2009
a terd that gets stuck in an animal's hair where his butthole is and after a while it gets hard.
"Check to see if he's got a dinkle berry!"
by FloJo April 13, 2006
The Dinkleberry is a lifeform that resembles a male human, with the sartling difference that everything he says makes him sound like a chauvanistic DINK. The Dinkleberry prides himself on being the worlds' best manwhore, when in reality he has simply resorted to hitting on every whore that walks by. He does not realize that this is indeed pathetic rather than an accomplishment.
The Dinkleberry species can often be found perusing local stripclubs, with the clearly conceited attitude that every half-naked girl that looks at him is immediately in love with his insanely premature bald spot and nauseating Aqua-Velva cologne.
The Dinkleberry's average day consists of bullshit one-liners that your grandpa wouldn't have used, and a busted ass Blackberry that he carries out of belief that it makes him look cool. (He likely has no idea how to use the Blackberry as his conscious mind is far too self-absorbed to think of anything but himself and how amazing he simply MUST be.)
The Dinkleberry's diet consists of 3-day-old takeout that his dog likely licked after licking its own crotch, dirty panties that he stole from a wide variety of hookers, and crust-covered chocolate covered almonds, as the Dinkleberry secretly loves to suck nuts.
"I can't believe that Chris thought he was such a smooth dude. Check out that receding hairline."
"Fuck, what a dinklebery."
"I wonder what that smell is all about?"
"It's stale nuts. The Dinkleberry clearly just finished breakfast."
by Yeah, I went there. And what? January 29, 2009
1) a filler word, basically anytime you can't think of the right word to say, you say dinkleberries
2) when you wanna curse, but a child is around
1) it was so (can't think of anything else to say) dinkleberries!!!
2) oh! mother fu- (sees five year old) dinkleberries!
by TaylorIsThebestPersonOnEarth November 26, 2008
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