1) a filler word, basically anytime you can't think of the right word to say, you say dinkleberries
2) when you wanna curse, but a child is around
1) it was so (can't think of anything else to say) dinkleberries!!!
2) oh! mother fu- (sees five year old) dinkleberries!
by TaylorIsThebestPersonOnEarth November 26, 2008
Another word for tiny penis.
Did you see joe? He has a Dinkle Berry!
by yummy dinkle berries1 May 20, 2009
a peice of toilet paper that is residue in an asshole.
"oh look that kid is picking the dinkleberry out and throwing it at his dog!"
by everlost555 December 25, 2005
a word used in situations where swearing is not appropriate
wow you are such a dinkleberry!
by Dark Cow November 16, 2003

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