I have a big dinkey.
by bob October 26, 2003
Top Definition
A dick/penis
My dinkey is big.
Can I touch your dinkey?
Fred has a big dinkey.
by rawsushi2 April 04, 2010
A rather odd looking 'nubbin' usually on the facial area, e.g. on the side of someones nose. It has brown and black pigmentation.
Yeah he was hot but when i saw him close up i realised he had a dinkey and i couldn't stop staring at it!
by friendlyjoe February 17, 2011
A penis that very small when erect, up to and including 3" in length. Girth is not specified. Originally the term was only used to label a Chinese mans wong, but it is now used internationally as a descriptive term for 'a little pickle'.
1. 'James Marc Johnston has a major dinkey.'
2. 'That Gilmour bird has no dinkey but my God she's got some balls!' penisdickwinklewongjohnsonpipea little pickle
by SarahScarlet July 01, 2013
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