1. Some one who steels something with out knowing it.
2. Some one who mooches off of everyone.
"GOD damn some one fucking dinglered my lighter".
"Yo why do you have to be such a ding"
by johndow October 19, 2007
Top Definition
Someone, typically a female, with the kindest of hearts. They have been known for their rak, or random acts of kindness. One Dingler was recently sited assisting 5 young gentleman on their quest to freedom at no expense to them. When asked if she would desire some form of payment for her actions, she humbly declined.
Karl: Wow that girl was really nice.

Jacob: Yeah, she is a Dingler.
by Karl Marx the Second May 02, 2010
A sad act; a loser; someone who tries hard - but just will never be cool
Steve your housemate is a right Dingler
by Zeppelininchains November 22, 2006
A single dingle berry that has been crusted over and has been hanging on for days defying the laws of ass wiping
I've had this dingler for days man
by Blixem March 07, 2015
The greatest human being to walk the face of the earth. She was there for me when I needed a ride, and when she was asked, she denied. There is a rumor that she is going to be entering sainthood soon....
Ding doggy, aka dingler, is the tits and the ass too.
by Jacob That guy May 02, 2010
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