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when a women has given birth too many times that her vaginal walls become the size of a babys head. One day when in the mid stages a pregnancy a premature babies falls out and dangles between her thighs by the ambilical cord. She then has to tuck it back up into her snatch before the baby dies. The baby will ofter swing like a pendulum and make a gushy noise against her thighs.
When i saw carols dingle baby i threw up and lost my boner
by Young mung September 16, 2009
dried-crusty seaman left covering ones vajina. The sick cousin of dingle berries exept harder to see there for usualy end up in some drunk guys mouth .
Every thing was going great at the red parrot until I took that girl home and got a face full of dingle babies
by chef killa s October 10, 2010
A dinglebaby is a "butt cheek". Or plural, "Dinglebabies" (butt cheeks).
Hey broski! Poochichi dinglebabies!
Look at that Dinglebaby!!! ;D
by Peter09Fett November 08, 2010
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