A small dent in my car caused by some cretin opening his car door into me. Could also be caused by a kid pushing an overloaded shopping cart through the parking lot.
Goddamnit! Lookit that frigging DING. I'll kill the bastard.
by Tom LaBelle February 07, 2005
An act of God. If God doesn't like a certain individual on earth, he may "ding" him. The person in question will suddenly find himself flying rapidly through the air, ending with a crunch against a wall, or by marvelling at the enormousness of outer space. Usually accompanied by a flick of the middle finger (as when flicking a marble).
He was an awful man, and had done terrible deeds. God decided that enough was enough, and dinged him.
by Thomas and Sofie April 30, 2007
A person of below average intelligence whose daily life is disrupted by their own stupidity. Dings will usually lie and cause trouble constantly, just because they're dings.

There are levels of dingosity, running from Levels one to five.
"I've locked myself in the shed again, can you come and let me out"

"You are such a ding".
by doubleshiny June 10, 2005
Used by snowboarders when describing a dent in stuff
"My board is so dinged up dude!"
by Fuzzy Wuzzy May 26, 2005
Is a word that actually means tie, but is used in a joking term to mean penis
OH MAN, you just pulled/ touched my ding in public
by gatemastervinnie November 11, 2007
fool, idiot,
someone who does not think like you.
give yer head a shake ya ding!
by ginge May 24, 2005
-it's a german word, which means
-It's a latin word meaning court from the early 800 or even earlier....
schieb mir das ding herüber....
by dinggurl April 10, 2005
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