A small dent in my car caused by some cretin opening his car door into me. Could also be caused by a kid pushing an overloaded shopping cart through the parking lot.
Goddamnit! Lookit that frigging DING. I'll kill the bastard.
by Tom LaBelle February 07, 2005
1) To have sex with a girl
2) To do really well on something or do something really sweet
1) yo man, you ding katie last night?
2) a) Hell yeah, I dinged the shit out of that test
b) Are y'all going to ding shit tonight?
by Matt Braley October 04, 2005
To diss someone
You said that? Oh DING!!!
by Joe January 30, 2003
(adj.) Along the lines of "pwned" or "rejected;" commonly used on xoxohth.com and biglawboard.com to indicate when someone has been beaten in an argument or otherwise been relegated to failure.
"Bush to the Free World: DING!"
by blb May 10, 2008
When a woman surprises a man by inserting a finger in his anus during sexual activity. Usually during oral sex.
"When I was blowing my boyfriend last night, I dinged him and hit his prostate and he came all over my face."
by playtheviolins January 04, 2008
word one says after consuming pot and is backed. originating from the sound an oven makes after you food is baked. first uttered in this context: "Ding! ...your 'bobby' is baked!"
guy:(walks into art class) Ding!
girl: WOW, u smell like pot so much, have sum gum
guy: thanks ;)
by Da Ding-myester November 13, 2007
A word used by various teenagers- usually male- to inform / brag to his buddies about boning someone in a house being passed.
"Dan can ding every house for the next three blocks."
by Shanasaurus September 16, 2006
to give someone a ding
- to phone someone
"just gimmie a ding and i'll hook you up"
by mr majestic June 05, 2005
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