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A thing, thingamabob, whatzit, whatchamacallit or whatsizname
When is dinges coming around?
by Panatlantica January 26, 2009
Pronounced: dee-oor-muh-car, used in South African English and Afrikaans, Afrikaans for confused, disorganized or stupid. Deur means "through", while "mekaar" means "each other"... so being "through each other" - you get the picture ;-)
I guess she's a bit deurmekaar today, she copied all the empty backsides of this pile of documents...
by Panatlantica January 26, 2009
Verb. Past tense: jailbricked. Electronic gadget (usually the iPhone) that had an unsuccessful jailbrake applied to it resulting in the device ending up as a brick, that is, rendered entirely useless.
Man, I jailbricked my iPhone the other night. It's entirely f***ed up now, I even can't hard reset it in iTunes any longer.
by Panatlantica March 16, 2009
In close relation to Kitchenheimer's; this is when you hectically run around your office in circles with an agenda filled to the max but of all work you simply don't know where to start and thereby forgetting the most fundamental things of life...
Oh gosh - it's almost 5 p.m., I forgot to EAT and I still try to get at least ONE thing done today... it must be Officeheimer's Disease, that's for sure!
by Panatlantica January 26, 2009
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