Top Definition
1. A small but ever so cute penis
2. An insult thrown out to all the men that add a 3 inch handicap to thier penis the second they enter a chatroom...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
3. An inverted penis that resembles a belly button
$. a severly cleft Penis that is so cute ya could just pinch it...LOL
After entering the chatroom and suggesting that he had a 12 inch cawk, rosie informed him in the nicest way possible that his dimple dick couldn't satisfy a fruitflies ass! (do Fruitflies even have an ass?)
by Rosie November 15, 2003
A lumpy penis that caves in at weird angles, also known as jingle junk.
Sex was uncomfortable with Toddy because he had a big old dimple dick.
by blonde ass jell-o fish October 29, 2011
When ones junt is actually inverted
Did you see Shawn Ebbys dick it is inverted
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
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