A metal band from Norway, started in 1993 by singer Shagrath, and bassist ICS Vortex. This band follows in the footsteps of Norwegian Black Metal band, Immortal, in the fact they paint their faces in corpse paint (KISS makeup) and Growl (singing buy using low, unharmonic vocals) They are well known through out the metal scene. They combine they growling from their vocals with symphony orchestras in their music, and from time to time, the bassist will sing with clean vocals, to create a unique sound, no other band can come close to. They have several albums spanning from "For All Tid" in 1993 to "In Sorte Diaboli" in 2007. The name of the band is Norwegian for Black Church, named after a lava flow in norway, that oddly created caverns, the biggest of these caverns, is named Kirkjan, the word for Cathedral.
Dimmu Borgir is the heaviest, most satanic band ever.
by Jamee Crockett March 21, 2008
A misspelling of thier actually band name see: dummy burger
People that think dummy burger is spelled Dimmu Borgir are dumb.
by Nataservant June 24, 2004
Not black metal. Really shitty band that people who have no taste in music listen to.
12 year old girls listen to dimmu borgir
by eric January 18, 2005
Possibly the worst band in the history of music, and I use the term "band" loosely here, because its not so much a band as it is a bunch of dirty dumbasses screeching about TORMENTING A CHRISTIAN SOUL while chaining eachother up with leashes and fucking eachother in the asshole. Their music is horrible and is mainly there just because you have to play music to be a band, their main priority is worshipping "Satan" and creating a bunch of worthless Demon Butt acolytes that wear black and think its cool to set fire to goats. Definetley a no-listener.
"Holy shit? What is this noise, a baby being beaten with a jackal?"

"No way man! This is my new Dimmu Borgir CD!! PURITANICAL EUPHORIC MISANTHROPIA!"

"I hate you!" *punch*
by Kevin the almighty March 24, 2005
A shitty black metal band fron Norway. After hearing them, I wanted to repeatedly shoot myself in the face, just after gouging my eyes out and eating a tin can. There was no way they deserved a spot at Ozzfest 2004, but somehow they got there. They have one of the worst screamers I have ever heard. They blew dick at Ozzfest, and now I have no respect for black metal.
Me: After just hearing Dimmu Borgir, I want to go vomit. I'm going to the bathroom.
by GI Jew November 19, 2004
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