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An asian person who isn't very bright hence calling them Dim Sim.
Your just a dim sim!

Your such a dim sim, you don't even know what country your from!

Oh my God, you dim sim, can't you tell the difference between left or right!

You freakin' dim sim, learn to sms properly!
by James Zenger October 28, 2006
mean, stupid,annoying, hurtful,stupidly funny, gay,boring person
1 person: whyd the chiken cross the road man?

2 person:ur such a dimsim man....
by hippyyyy September 15, 2005
tightly compacted pieces of chod found in felching bowls.
Man, these dim-sims taste goood!
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
1.eatting chines food while having sex
2.having sex with chines food
Hey lewis do you dim sim?
by flewisandmichard November 17, 2011
<verb> to take out the contents of a bag or pencilcase, turn the bag or pencilcase inside out then put the contents back in.
I am going to dim sim Kyle's pencil case without him noticing.
Kyle: "shit i gust got dim simmed
by nugget dim sim May 11, 2008
A small parcel of meat and vegetables, wrapped in a type of pastry. Can be deep fried or steamed. Often served with soy sauce. Common in Australian Fish & Chip shops. Rumoured to contain chopped up cat, but never proven.
I'll have a Dim Sim or two with my hamburger, please.
by EdWoods September 07, 2005
The preferred food of PC memory stick manufacturing plant workers in Taiwan
Smoko time guys, enough DIMM SIMM testing, time to chow down some Dim Sims
by PC2700 Chap August 13, 2003
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