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A poseur redneck who is really a homosexual. Usually a male with one foot in the closet.
Did you see John's big pickup truck with the rebel flag? Yeah, but he's a dillo, so the only thing he'll use it for is pulling floats in a gay parade.
by kmk4236 February 01, 2009
Slut. Slutty girl
I know, how do you get Dillo out of slut? but that's just what I've been told.
She is such a dillo!
by *Rebecca May 16, 2006
A slut, prostitute, and their synonyms. The word from east Africa, mainly used in Somalia.
That girl gives good head.
Doesnt she have a boyfriend?
Yeah, but shes a dillo.
by D__M June 03, 2007
Affectionate term for male genitalia.
Wow, Michael sure has an impressive dillo.
by slodwick January 16, 2004
deal. as used in the mest song "Whats the Dillo?"
Whats the d-d-d-dillo dillo? Whats the d-d-d-deal deal?
by Katee March 31, 2004
a common name for the one everyone blames.
1:i died!
2:LOL! nub!
1:Stfu! i blame dillo!
by eivind_fn June 09, 2005
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