1) n. Paul aka. Blue Tooth™, Black Dot™, Asshole™, Challenger of Sauron™; Lord of the Sweep™

2) n. The essence of that which is too full of himself to see that which is his worth, thus remaining a worthless stain upon the world, allowed to live thanks to out-dated Puritanical laws that prohibit stamping out festering diseases at the root before they breed more inexcusable chaos and disruption upon this sorry world; a waste of life.

3) n. An aborted fetus that keeps on living, keeper of the Master Reset Button™; a worthless fuck.

4) n. A cocksucking, mouth-breathing faggot who, in an attempt to get laid, becomes a Baptist bible-thumper, stops hanging out with everyone, still doesn't get laid, yet acts like he's better than you for it, wipes hard drive of all "dirty stuff" in an act which truly defines dillhole.

5) n. A load that should have been swallowed, thrown up into a gay's ass and farted against the back of the offending load receptacle's throat, to be swallowed again and shat into oblivion; paul.

6) n. The hole at the end of a penis; paul; paul's head, paul's black dot at the top of his head.

7) n. A drooling, teeth-sweeping simpleton who's lack of existential value causes the brains of those surrounding to throb with pain, the only therapy being averting the eyes and ears; talking loud or playing loud music in order to dull the abysmal clatter; white trash; a living piece of shit; fucker.

8) n. a yuck-mouthed, water-head baby that is pushed through the system with a shaved head, one of their two front teeth being grayish blue, a permanent black dot at the top of their head which acts as a Master Reset Button™, pictures of body builders on bedroom mirrors, bath salts, excessive cooking and plant-growing as major hobbies, the unmitigated gall to suck spit through their crooked shark teeth around people of social standing and worth - also known as teeth sweeping; a fuck-faced buffoon.
JFC, STFU Paul, you're such a goddamn dillhole....such a goddamn dillhole.
by infiniti March 30, 2006
to explain this to you properly, I have to set up a scenario. ok, so lets say I had a dildo..which hole would I put it in? my dillhole!!! also used for "dill pickles" because pickes look like green weiners..where would you put a green weiner? your dillhole! so basically, its an insulting insult BECAUSE..a dil hole smells like dying fish. no one wants to smell like a dying fish.
1.oh my god, so last night I stuck a penicil in my dillhole and had to go to the emergency room.
2.you smell like dillhole. do you wash with diljuice? hmm?! do you?!? fuck off.
3.no I dont like it up the dilLhole. I have five bucks AND ITS GOING IN MY ASS HOLE.
4.ok, so instead of playing duck duck goose,lets play weiner weiner dillhole.
by leixoch April 23, 2008
Someone who lacks knowledge of; an idiot of some sort; a simple way of calling someone a "STUPID HEAD"
BRAN.DON is such a dillhole! --zaren
by ZGG July 19, 2006
1. An individual lacking intelligence, people skills, compassion, and a human soul.
2. A dough head.
My boss Peter is a dillhole. Even other dillholes look at him and say "What a dillhole!"
by Uncle Matty July 25, 2004
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